Sunday School

These group meet at 10:00am on Sunday mornings, year-round.

(For information of children and youth, visit the Children & Families page or the Youth Ministries page.)

Twenties & Thirties (TNT)

Young adults who study, socialize, support each other, and service together

Current Topic: Studying spiritual practices  

Where: Burson Building Lobby

Get Connected: Lara,

Abundant Life

A 'mixed' bag of folks in a new group

Current Topic: What it means to 'believe,' through the Apostle's creed

Where: Room 210

Get Connected: Mary Gene,


Intergenerational, topic-based Bible study

Current Topic: Looking at the unnamed saints and heroes of the Bible

Where: Parlor

Get Connected: Julie,

Agape Seekers

Open, gracefully aging adults

Current Topic: Discussing women of the Old Testament

Where: Room 214

Get Connected: Carolyn,

Faithful Families

Support and strengthen one another for the wonderful and often challenging journey of raising children

Current Topic: The wonder and lessons found in "failing," alongside author Matt Miofsky

Where: Room 206

Get Connected: Jeff,


Loving group with a lifetime of wisdom and experience to share

Current Topic: Gospel of Luke, through the commentary of William Barclay

Where: Room 213

Get Connected: Laura,

Reynolds Green

A family together in faith, service, fellowship, and fun since the early 1960’s

Where: Room 215

Get Connected: Randall,

Can't decide? Tyler, our executive minister, is happy to help you get connected.