Youth Ministries

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Who are we?

Our Youth Ministries were freshly revitalized in July 2015, and in our short time together we have become a profoundly bold group of folks. We care for each other, we push one another gently towards growth, we collectively move ourselves beyond our comfort zones, and we know how to have fun in all that we do. We are the Youth Ministries at North Decatur UMC, and we would be ecstatic to be your community.

Who is welcome here?

If you are a 6th grader through a 12th grader, we have a place for you here! You do not need to be from a certain school district – we have many, many represented. You do not need to have all of life’s wonders and all of Christianity figured out – trust us, most of us are still wrestling. You do not need to be United Methodist as a prerequisite – several of us still have many more questions to ask.

We are a dynamic group of people, with different backgrounds, ranging experiences, and varying passions. But, we believe strongly that those things which some of our peers regard as “different” or “strange” are regarded as true “beauty” in this community and by God. Our uniqueness makes our conversation richer and our bonds deeper. Come as you are, we mean it.

What do we do?

Sunday School: 10-11a, Youth Suite. We gather together for a group activity and to have conversation around a whole number of real interesting topics. We are willing to have the silly, deep chats others steer far from – and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Monthly Event: We alternate our Monthly Event theme between “Service Events” and “Hangout Events.” To receive specifics on our events, sign up for our Weekly Youth Newsletter.

How do I get plugged in?

i) You are more than welcome to show up for any gathering or event, without contacting us beforehand! We try to design every gathering as an easy entry-point for youth, just bring this permission form.  

ii) It is definitely not required, but you are always welcome to connect with Tyler, the Director of Youth Ministries, at He would be happy to connect you about all of our happenings.

I am a youth / youth parent, and I would like to talk with someone. Who do I talk with?

Tyler, the Director of Youth Ministries, is a great person to connect with. He is happy to meet for coffee, either about getting connected to the Youth Ministries and/or for pastoral conversation. Reach out to him at or 404-373-3367, x 105.

Rev. Patrick, our Senior Pastor, is always a solid person to talk with. Connect with him at or 404-373-3367.

Who are the Youth Advisors?

The most detailed of logistics are designed and implemented by our “Youth Advisors.” These are adult volunteers at North Decatur UMC, who are deeply passionate about supporting and empowering our youth. These volunteers have received a background check, received Safe Sanctuary training, and are coached in their work by the Director of Youth Ministries. Four Advisors organize and teach our weekly Youth Group, while an additional four Advisors organize and staff our Monthly Events. We would not have all of our dynamic and creative opportunities without these dedicated volunteers.

Have a great idea for a youth group topic or future event? Send them to, and he will forward them to the appropriate team for their “idea folders.”

Who is the Director of Youth Ministries?

Tyler Ward is the Director of Youth Ministries at North Decatur UMC. He provides oversight and coaching to our incredible Youth Advisors, who make our Youth Ministries possible. Tyler also wears a second “hat” in the congregation, as the Director of Discipleship Ministries. In that role, he assists the design of our congregation’s discipleship process. That congregation-wide task entails an additional focus on small group formation and new membership classes.

Some interesting stuff about Tyler – He is United Methodist to his core, originating from both Illinois and Kansas. In June 2015, he graduated with a BA in Religious Studies from North Central College (Chicago, IL). During his undergrad years, he also worked with Rockford Urban Ministries and Urban Village Church (Wicker Park, Chicago, IL). In July 2015, Tyler moved to Atlanta as a student at Emory University: Candler School of Theology, where he is pursuing a Masters of Divinity. He is an avid hiker, a dedicated (though goes at his own pace) runner, and loves meeting for conversation over a cup of coffee. Reach out to him at