The NDUMC Visitation Ministry enhances faith, addresses spiritual needs, and is a vital part of our congregation's ministry to all. Find out more about our Visitation Ministry below:

More info:

The NDUMC Visitation Ministry Team provides supportive care to people referred

by the Pastor, church ministries, or church members or attendees who are in need of

supportive visitation. These needs could include, but are not limited to: end of life issues,

navigating long term care placement, illness, grief, divorce, job loss and loneliness. After

a person is referred they will be matched with a Visitation Volunteer.

After being matched with a person needing care, the Visitation Volunteer will meet with

that person on a regular basis. The visit can be in person or over the phone. The focus of

the visit will be to listen, care, encourage and provide emotional and spiritual support.

Visitation Volunteers can also offer Communion to those who would like to receive it.

The caring relationship will last as long as the need for care exists.

If you know someone who could benefit from this ministry or if you would like to request

visitation, please click on the Visitation Ministry Referral page and complete the form. This

confidential request will be given to Marilyn Macquarrie, chair of Visitation Ministry.

She will meet with the referred person and the team will then match them with a

Visitation Minister.

Visitation Ministry is open to all people. If interested in joining the team please contact

Marilyn Macquarrie at . She will assist you in

completing a volunteer application including background screening and Safe Sanctuaries

training which is required.