What we believe

North Decatur is a church which operates in the United Methodist tradition of celebrating God's grace as vitally important to faith. Grace is a much larger word than it lets on! The Catholic writer Thomas Merton says that grace is God's own life, shared with us. That's a pretty good definition, really. Grace means that God loves us, even when we think we're too messed up for anybody to even like us. God's grace and love are so strong that nothing can separate us from that love: nothing we can do and nothing that can be done to us. And that grace is so powerful that it makes us want to share it with others!

Like most other churches operating in the Christian tradition, we hold a pretty standard set of beliefs about God and the Bible. But just because they are standard doesn't mean they aren't important! You can learn more about our Christian roots here.

What does it means to be united methodist?

We have the best potlucks and, we think, pretty great theology. We talk a lot about grace around here, and we think that serving others is vitally important to our faith. You can learn more about what we believe by clicking here.

By the way, we celebrate Holy Communion every week during The Table at 9:00 and on the first Sunday of every month in Traditions at 11:00. Because a big part of our theology is the idea that all people are children of God, we celebrate an open table. That means that if you are here--no matter who you are or what you have done--God loves you. You have a place at God's table, and you are invited to receive Communion.