Small Groups

Find community and grow in your faith with one of our short-term topical studies,

long-term Bible studies, or ongoing Sunday Schools.

Everybody, Always

Sundays at 9, beginning June 12

What happens when we simply love everyone? Following Christ means more than just putting a toe in the water when it comes to loving others. It means grabbing your knees and doing a cannonball! Everybody Always will provide practical steps to help you take that journey, connecting our faith to our everyday lives This group will also be accessible through Zoom! Join us as we pursue openhearted living in which we love all people, all the time: everybody, always. 

To join on Zoom, no registration is required. Click this link on Sunday mornings, and use passcode 845527.

Jonah Bible Study

Sundays at 9, beginning June 12

Patrick will be leading a 5 week study on the book of Jonah. Jonah's story is so much more than a story about a big fish! Come join a weekly conversation about a reluctant prophet and the people he was sent to save but kind of actually hoped would die. It's a story of trust and truth, and maybe you'll see yourself somewhere in it. 

A Closer Look | Sundays at 11

Join us for “A Closer Look” on Sundays following worship. This Bible study / discussion group follows the scripture and sermon each week to allow for deeper study, discussion, questions, and insights. This all ages, “no strings attached” group meets in room 206 at 11:00 AM.

Tuesday Bible Study

On Tuesdays at noon we discuss a book of the Bible one chapter at a time. Right now we're studying Revelation. Register now to join in!