Small Groups

Find community and grow in your faith with one of our short-term topical studies,

long-term Bible studies, or ongoing Sunday Schools.

Nature Walks

Join a small group from church for a walk and brief devotional at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve (2580 Pine Bluff Dr, Decatur) on the second Saturday of every month at 10:00 AM.


Confirmation in the United Methodist Church is when a youth confirms their faith in Christ and officially joins the church, after a series of classes in which they learn the basic tenets of faith. This year we will have a confirmation class for youth AND a refresher course for adults!

Learn about the relationship between God, you, the church and the community; basic Methodism, leadership, and structure; the Bible; and other topics. The free classes will start on Sunday September 12 and continue for seven weeks. Offered in person (as COVID permits) at 11:00 AM. Child care will be available.

For more information, contact Brittany Morgan.

Tuesday Bible Study

On Tuesdays at noon we will be discussing the book of Hebrews, one chapter at a time. Register now to join in!


Sunday prayer Small Group

Every Sunday at 4:00, the group shares prayer concerns, prays together, and often discusses the sermon from worship. 

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