GCORR Resources

The UMC General Commission on Religion and Race offers resources for faith communities and individuals working towards racial justice, below are some resources to consider:

For additional resources, explore our resource website:

Read "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

What is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know

Critical Race Theory Infographic Series and a panel discussion on Critical Race Theory, from GCORR, the United Methodist General Commission on Religion and Race. 

What is Critical Race Theory and What Christians Should Know

Learn more about race and racism from a variety of perspectives. 

“Expanding the Table” — New GCORR Podcast on Practicing Anti-Racism

Listen to GCORR's new podcast here, on Spotify, and Amazon Music. You can watch the video podcast here.

White Too Long: Book Talk with Robert P. Jones presented by the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

United Methodist Church Recommended Reading List

North Georgia Conference Commission on Religion & Race Reading List

United Methodist Dismantling Racism Online Events

Take action in your own life

by lovingly correcting racism when you see it from your loved ones, coworkers, friends, and neighbors. 

Google "anti racist talking points" or "talking to your family about racism" for some helpful ideas.

Vote and stay informed

Make sure you're registered to vote, find your polling place, and see a sample ballot to make informed decisions at the Georgia My Voter Page. In between election cycles, stay informed of local, state, and national politics.

From how to build a relationship with your elected officials to writing a letter to the editor, to holding an issue forum, the North Carolina UMC Conference Board of Church and Society created these easy to use Advocacy How-To Guides

Get involved with local or national organizations already doing this important work.

Many members have asked for our church to start a new initiative or program to combat racism in our community, but we feel very strongly that we do not need to reinvent what others are already doing well! We encourage you to volunteer with and donate to reputable nonprofits making a difference.

This list from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has some great ideas

The Justice Reform Project - formerly Georgia Justice Project - offers virtual events designed to educate and engage community members on a variety of criminal justice reform issues in the Talk Justice Tuesday Series.