Church Council

In the United Methodist Church, our church council is the primary governing body of the congregation. Our leaders provide for the administration, programming and visioning for the church. 

North Decatur uses an alternate church council structure that you can read more about here

The church council generally meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30, and visitors are welcome - contact the church office or join us on Zoom if you'd like to attend an upcoming meeting. You can get in touch with any member of the church council at any time with questions or ideas.

2022 Church Council

Chair- Jason Payton

Secretary- Stephanie Frame

Finance- Roland Fernandes

SPR- Sheila Falgout

Fund Development- open

Lay Leader- Charles Pursley

Trustee- Bob Stubbs

Nurture- Carolyn Williams

Welcome- Amy Garcia

Outreach- Mary Bryan

Worship- Charles Chambers

Lay Delegate- Charles Barber